Ouch. 9 days post scrotoplasty. Started noticing a good amount of bleeding that wasn’t stopping, pinkish and watery. Soaked through a curlex. The pain was ramping up, so I emailed my doctor. He said perhaps a blood clot is pushing its way out but by bit. Or we hope it is not infection. I do… Continue reading

Sensation to the tip!! 3.5 months post op stage 1, one week post op stage 2. I was tweezing a few stray hairs, like you do, and now I know: I’m getting feeling in the tip. Little by little. 🙏

We WILL defeat this gender surgery graft scar!! A few hours with my OT to work on this scar: Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) employs smooth motions of the instruments on a patient’s skin to break scars. HawkGrip instruments are designed to glide over the skin and “catch” on scar tissue. Patients may feel… Continue reading

TMI /sexI’m so confused. I want to masturbate, but everything I’m used to is out of commission, and everything I’m new to isn’t ready to enlist. So the tension mounts.

Gender & voice treatment Putting in the work today for prosody, rate, and strain they found scoping. The strain is caused by (1) lecturing and (2) not knowing how to resonate with my hidden deep tones. (Did you know teachers are the top population to experience voice damage? They also develop a faster rate due… Continue reading

5 days post op. Please be advised that if you are bored with all these pics that are the same , haha, I am just too excited NOT to take a photo. In disbelief! 😍

I cried in the waiting room. Once they brought me back, and I had a moment to myself, it was tears of joy rushing down my face. This is it. No one can take this from me. And all the shame, fear, rejection, hard memories… At that moment, none of that mattered. I heard the… Continue reading