The nerves are coming on!!

85 Days post op; 12 weeks.

I couldn’t sleep. I was tweezing stray hairs, making sure the skin was completely smooth. It’s meditative. When I was done, I started hunting for sensation.

First I tried my fingernail. No. Nothing. I keep worrying maybe I won’t have sensation.

Then… When I pinched my skin on the right, by the leash hookup scar, I felt a pinch a few inches away! I did this quite a few times, and it was just like a zap or hum. This was true all the way up the right side of my shaft, with a duller zap or hum as I got closer to the tip. I got almost to the glans before the zapping was quiet.

Next I tried the left side. No zaps. Quiet still.

I closed my eyes and relished it. I have hope!

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