Today they brought me a walker and a cane, and the physical therapist practiced moving around with me. I learned how to use the cane in opposition to my movements. We practiced with the stairs, and I had to learn an adaptive climb and scoot down the stairs that frightened me. It took so much energy just to get up five steps. I was wore out. Her name is Cynthia, and she is wonderful.

I saw a resident from gynecology and from plastics, and they’re encouraged by the feeling returning to my left foot with no pain. In my right, it is much less painful, but I just couldn’t walk at all. The Lyrica and time seem to have made the difference.

I had many visitors today! I reached out to friends in the Mid-Atlantic region, and they drove in from all over. I said, I need you. It was very special to spend that time together processing and bonding. We all have a rocky road of our own. I tried to be as much of a support to them as they were to me, to listen. We have seen hard times, dark fears.

I would count today as a very good day. Maybe one of the best of all.

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