Gender & voice treatment

Putting in the work today for prosody, rate, and strain they found scoping. The strain is caused by (1) lecturing and (2) not knowing how to resonate with my hidden deep tones. (Did you know teachers are the top population to experience voice damage? They also develop a faster rate due to condensing as much information as possible into presentations and lessons.)

They are constantly collecting data to inform and adjust the exercises. I’m their first gender patient associated with the Center. I absolutely adore this; I read passages, sing, make all sorts of sounds. Sometimes while they squeeze or manipulate parts of my neck.

Still working toward surgery. Red is what I need to learn what not to do. Fun fact: Anxiety can cause vocal damage and pitch ability changes in the throat. They could measure the stress I’ve endured with the structures of the throat.

I really love it here. They’re extremely clever, organized, and observant.

Bonus fun fact: They also do forensics to identify if a recorded sound or voice was produced by a certain individual. — with Ashley Davis

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