We WILL defeat this gender surgery graft scar!!

A few hours with my OT to work on this scar: Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) employs smooth motions of the instruments on a patient’s skin to break scars.

HawkGrip instruments are designed to glide over the skin and “catch” on scar tissue. Patients may feel a vibration or “crunchy” feeling when the instrument comes across an area of adhesion or irregularity.

The suction cups and pulls hard on small areas to break apart adhered layers of fascia, so it will be supple again. Then fluid won’t get trapped in my hand and make my wrist swell.

Then we did more heat and wave therapy to excite and rearrange the cells.

The pink color goes away on its own. But the texture– that’s the work we are putting in.

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