Scrotum starting to look nice as it’s healing up. No more wound packing on the scrotum itself. Still packing a small area between penis and scrotum. 4.5 months. I really like the color. They are empty right now but quite soft and nice to the touch.

Cold sensitivity I had a glass of iced tea. I put it against the left side of my penis. Hmm. It started to feel cold at the base and tip. Then when I got the glass onto the right side, it was so cold base to tip I jumped and splashed myself in the face!!!… Continue reading

My gender scars– Nipple grafts Bilateral mastectomy Revision for flanks Belly button scars for laproscopic hysto Belly scars for instruments Arm leash scar Rff scar Nerve and vein anastamosis scars across hip and thigh Split thickness graft scar Scars on penis and scrotum Labiaplasty scar Incisions down inner thigh to buttock to clear infection complicit… Continue reading

Erogenous sensation arrives I am four months postop and have most of my sensation in the right side of my penis. It goes base to tip. Light touch, pressure, muted temperature sensation, and emergent erotic sensations. On the left side, so far I have pressure sensation in some places and not others. Emergently erotic sensation… Continue reading

4.25 w post opI’m really worried about being able to finish my incompletes for December (when I had phallo) in a week by the start of May. I am doing all I can but am out of energy by the end of the work day and the weekend. That is like *all* I can do… Continue reading

Another view four months postop phalloplasty, four weeks post glansplasty/labiaplasty, 2.5 weeks testicle removal, 4 weeks past ovohysterectomy.