One week past Stage 2

I can get around in bursts, but my scrotum area is the one that needs daily or twice daily dressing changes. The scrotum hurts a lot when I walk more than a bit, so I know to take it easier.

My feet are almost back to normal; just slightly numb.

My belly is still all swollen and puffy and tender from hysto, but I am not wearing the abdominal binder anymore.

The incision sites on my perineum are very tender and smart when I sit. It makes it hard to find any comfortable position.

My arm got about 20% more area with sensation immediately following this last week’s sonographic wave treatment.

I have more energy but am dependent on either oxycodone, Tylenol, or Ibuorofen. I alternate them. I’m still taking antibiotics for the two cultures they discovered when they did the urine culture and want to keep them low.

Random picture of Fell’s Point, where I’m staying in Baltimore. It’s close to the hospital and from the early 1800s, if not older. I have a basement apartment, but last night I stayed on a houseboat with a friend for Saturday night. Something different! And fun but low walking around.

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