One week post stage 2. That is, glansplasty, scrotoplasty, and testicular implants. Yikes my scrotum is where all the pain is. The right teste (sp?). I like their position! This seems to be a mix between a vy and bifid because of the cleft? I have asked if he can stitch the cleft higher in office next week before I fly out.

The glansplasty is painless and healing well. Very little drainage; still have swelling however. The bottom side of the glans, I emailed about he black spot, and they said it is some old blood from surgery just under the skin that will make its way out or be absorbed slowly, like a bruise. I would have worried.

I like the symmetry of the glansplasty. One of the balls seems a bit more swollen than the other. It will be interesting to see them change as swelling goes down.

I don’t think the meatusiplasty took? It seems firmly closed to me. I have an appointment tomorrow morning in office. I have a lot of questions to ask! I fly out in a little under a week.

I’m walking around just fine, as long as I don’t walk too long a distance. I have to keep pain medicine constant, and make sure the cloud is supporting the balls. That reduces pain a lot. I also have to keep bacitracin and gauze between my penis and balls to keep that area dry. That seems to be a stressed area because of weight and movement, and that area is also fully sensate, weepy at incisions, and painful.

I know it’s not pretty yet, but it is getting there. The color will change, of course, when the inflammation goes down.

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