A scary night

I had been in terrible groin pain all evening. But it’s business as usual, right?

I sat down on the toilet, and as I was sitting I heard this very loud pop. My first thought was, “Lord, have I lost a testicle?!” I checked, and everything looked right. Although I was skeptical, because I couldn’t figure out that sound.

As I was drying, I felt a huge bulge where my tdick (clitoris) is unburied, behind my balls. It was way, way enlarged, like something wrong enlarged. Golf ball sized?

So I grab the hand mirror… It does not look right. From what I can gather, the scrotoplasty was covering part of the trick or constraining it, and it swelled and swelled until it burst through and cleared the way. There are half inch deep rips through about a half inch length of skin on either side.

I stay calm. It was midnight. I call Dr. Coon on his cell phone (emergencies). He sounded asleep… I felt so bad. Well, I explained the pop and gargantuan size genitals, the rips, and asked if I should go in to the emergency room or wait for my appointment tomorrow. He said wait for the appointment, since they wouldn’t be putting the stitch in this anyway. I let him go back to sleep.

I could breathe again. It is terrifying to see your genitals ripped into your leg. I had by some luck taken pain medicine just a few minutes before, so I’m oddly not in additional pain.

But here I am, ripped open and enlarged:/ I guess we fix it tomorrow.

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