Erectile prosthesis consult

I just got out of my erectile device consult with Dr. Arthur Burnett! I was so pleased he said he is seeing 10 year life spans on his pumps for trans men, over the last 30. He gave me a 5% infection rate, 30-40% breakage or complication sooner than that– but usually in the first few months after installation. He said he has done about 80 of them.

I asked what happens after a pump doesn’t work out? He said they just replace it again after a month to three, and it usually doesn’t give issues.

I asked if the vigor of use makes a difference which one I’ll want. He said the most firm erection and flat flaccid state is the three piece. He said people complain about the mid- semirigid and semisoft state of the two piece. But it does the job. He recommends it for people who want to simplify surgery in the pelvic area, like people who recently had kidney surgery or something. And some patients like the semirigid rod all the time. He said vigor of use has not made a difference to which one he steers patients to use or longevity.

He does wrap his devices in Alloderm for neophallus implantation, and it greatly reduces issues for him.

He also said his rod implantations have a comparable statistic, maybe 20-30% erosion, time to heal, and then replacement before 10 years. 5% infection. He said he had done dozens of these, too, in trans and cis men.

I may be leaning toward the three piece then, if he has he such good trans and cis experience with it. He mentioned that one thing they do at Hopkins with these that other places don’t necessarily do– doing some drains to relieve pressure and clotting inside the phallus.

He said on a neophallus, he prefers 10 months to a year between stage two (glansplasty, scrotoplasty, implants) and this stage 3.

He said I can do tattooing at any time before or after, as long as it is healed skin.

Btw, he is also part of the Hopkins Center for Trans Health, as well as chief urologist at Hopkins.

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