To make a long story short, infection. Enterococcus, we believe. Dr. Coon had to remove my testicles and remove all sutures, separating my scrotum. My scrotum is open, and I place these gauze ribbons inside once a day to soak up fluids. It’s awful. My perineal incisions are open now too, which had likewise become infected.

One day after the office procedure to open and clean everything out, I wrote this email to Dr. Coon.

Hello, Dr. Coon. I’m in quite a bit of pain following the harrowing magician act of producing iodoform ribbons from my loins. And re-producing new ones back into place. I hope I did this right. Once a day? I loathe packing my scrotum. I have had one shower today, one rinse, having another at 7. Drinking lots of water.

Lots of bleeding today. I don’t know where it was coming from.

I gave blood for levels for (my PCP here) Jill Krank today. I got my antibiotics. They didn’t have any more stronger pain killers for me. I’m having a hard time.

I’ve just cleaned these, so what you see is what the incisions produced in the less than five minutes it took me to do the ribbon act.

This was about one hour, so there’s a lot of blood coming down. I’m laying and have been resting. I ruined a pair of pants I’ll try to salvage as it soaked through.

I feel like a Trainwreck.

His reply:

I have limited computer access right now but—If you think you are actually bleeding (there is fresh red blood and not just dark drainage) then try to see where it is coming from with the mirror and hold pressure on the area for 15 min. If it is still bleeding someone should see you in clinic tomorrow either PA Sam or one of the other PAs depending on who is free. Unfortunately I am doing microsurgery so I can’t really leave at all.

& we can give you some vicodin for pain of dressing changes and may switch your antibiotic once tomorrow’s culture results return.

Lastly do not get too discouraged. The next few weeks may be uncomfortable as we get the infection under control and there is general grossness. But it will all heal in over time and anything suboptimal can always be revised after things cool off. Remember how you were worried about the open underside of shaft and it all healed in with time. & I do not think this means you will never be able to have IPP or TI [erectile device or testicular prostheses] with vagina, we will just have to be very careful in making sure everything is done beforehand to stack the odds in our favor.

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