@3.75 months

I have sensation base to tip on the right of my penis. The left is tingly like coming online.

My glans is beautiful but a little red on the edge. Doc says it is an infection inside, a big concern.

I am packing my open scrotum twice a day with iodoform. My scrotum and perineal incisions came back positive for Enterococcus, yeast, and E. Coli infections. The iodoform strips are wet with sodium chloride solution before going in. I am to wash the whole area and my body in a shower twice a day with antibacterial soap.

The incisions down to my butt are swollen and extremely painful to light touch. I don’t know how to go to the bathroom and keep them clean, because it’s right-there if you know what I mean.

The other most dangerous complication we are dealing with is a hole that is growing between my penis and scrotum. They are now telling me to pack it. Mechanically, I have to keep my scrotum lifted up extra high with curlix or risk an emergency surgery after flight to Baltimore, to save the scrotoplasty. It is high risk for infection right next to the scrotum.

I am taking lots of meds. My spouse helps me with twice a day dressing changes. They are uncomfortable but don’t say so. I can tell. I am also putting lots of bacitracin everywhere and wrapping the glans in a thin strip of Xeroform to keep the graft moist while it’s finishing off healing and fighting an infection.

I had a very hard trip home. 16 hours because of a tornado and hailstorm forced us to land five hours away from my destination. It took the airline four hours to provide us a bus. Then we rode for three hours and arrived in 30 degrees at almost 4 am. No one was awake to pick me up. I couldn’t carry my luggage. I couldn’t walk far. Worst nightmare situation. I wasn’t near the Lyft or Uber designated pickups. I finally persuaded a driver to come to me…

When he drove me the expensive way home, no one in my family way awake to open the door at 4:30. My keys were deep in luggage I couldn’t pick up or get into in my hyper exhausted state. I had to just sit down on my sidewalk, then lay down. I called so many times. When my spouse woke up at 5:30 and asked where I was and I said sidewalk, they didn’t realize I meant in front of the house. I was upset. This was not the plan.

But I’m home safe, rested all day today.

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