How I sleep – almost 4 months post op. The Xeroform and gauze is on the head to keep those incisions extra moist in Aquaphor for minimal scarring. The gauze on the ball sack is to soak up any light bleeding, as well as isolating them a bit. The cotton wound packing gets most of it, but I like it contained. I pack with a dab of Medihoney, then sodium chloride solution on the wound packing ribbons, then Aquaphor on the exterior. I still have some swollen, inflamed incisions that go down to my butt. Those and the ball sack hurt a lot when I walk. :/ I’m starting to wish I could hurry up this healing.

I got a cold and cough this weekend after my first week at work. I think it is from my immune system being weaker. Usually the school germs don’t bother me. I’ve been laid out all weekend. I’m so exhausted. It’s hard right now, to be four months out and still in the weeds of this *and* trying to do a good job at work.

My coworkers are being weird to me. They’re mad about the responsibility they took on while I was gone. Some are giving me the silent treatment. I keep my head up and pretend I don’t notice. It hurts, but what else can you do but carry on and focus on your job.

The long right hip nerve hookup incision is healing well.

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