Erogenous sensation arrives

I am four months postop and have most of my sensation in the right side of my penis. It goes base to tip. Light touch, pressure, muted temperature sensation, and emergent erotic sensations.

On the left side, so far I have pressure sensation in some places and not others. Emergently erotic sensation around the glans edge and graft. Pressure there gives me the feels on any side.

Touches still also feel a bit like a foot waking up. They’re tingly. Or zappy. Or effervescent. Sometimes they happen in two places at once. When I rubbed under my glans, I felt it there and also on my natal anatomy elsewhere, like two rubs. Or like an electrical short flickering over there, too.

The first time I felt an erogenous sensation via touch was two days ago, just before the 13 week mark. My mate was helping me with a dressing change and applied cream with a swab. I shrieked for feeling tickled. I belly laughed for how much it tickled. They might as well have been playing my ribs like a xylophone– the feeling was so intense, vibrating through me. My mate started laughing too. It was so joyful, to my inmost being.

And then I couldn’t laugh– it suddenly wasn’t funny. They were still gently rubbing, watching me. Exploring. I gasped and went still, because that lump in the back of my throat and pit of my belly indicated the erogenous circuit connected. I felt zaps on the tip of my tdick, off and on like a surge, when she touched around my phallo penis glans. I felt a string of current up the incision on my hip, then deeper in my pelvis.

“I feel it, Love. I really feel it all. Like I never even imagined possible.”

They finished bandaging me up with a quiet grin, “I am happy for you.”

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