ElatorA guy I know has had a glorious experience with the elator, so I thought I might try it out? They’re sending me a measuring kit. I’ll discuss it with my spouse. ♥️

5 months post op. Details on the balls. No testicular implants yet. Two months post scrotoplasty. The fullness you see in the scrotum is inguinal fat transfer which was done during surgery. The left side is smaller because an interior portion had to be excised during a postop infection. All good now but can’t wait… Continue reading

Superimposed images. artistic, two post-op trans lovers, myself and my love. Sitting up face to face. (Flaccid, five months to the date, cleared for sexual activity. This photo represents medical documentation, personal diary, and artistic anthropology.)

My first set of fancy undies!! Got on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue ♥️ my love picked them out. 4.75 post op, 1.75 post glansplasty. Soft mesh, yum.

Penis tassel twirling - but of course! 1.5 months post glansplasty 4.75 post phalloplasty Thank you Dr. Devin O'Brien-Coon and my left arm for your contributions to this fantastic show. 😂 my new silliness

If you’re wondering Yes, I still can wear a realdoe in the natal opening and use it in coordination with my penis for dp. I can also penetrate, pre-erectile implant, with no coban or elator. You do have to use a hand for support. I have sensation for receiving oral sex everywhere. Tactile, thermic, light… Continue reading

I have both ✨ 4.75 m post-op RFF phalloplasty by Devin O'Brien-Coon, no testicular implants or erectile device yet (6ish months until), elective no vaginectomy or urethral lengthening – it was very important to me that I still be able to use my natal organ intimately but it be concealed. I have not yet had… Continue reading

Floating - 4.75 months post op. My last stitch fell out yesterday. I saved it in a small glass vial, my only keepsake of the whole experience. The sensation of the water line going up and down on the flesh is sublime. Even without testicular imants inside my scrotum yet, I love the feeling of… Continue reading

Split thickness graft taken from thigh, four months post op. This is on my arm now. Thank yew thigh 4.75 m post op, taken 4.0 months ago

Oh wow, this live pic is unexpectedly erotic??? Not my intention, just picking it up for a pic. Lol! 4.75 months postop, first bath allowed. The scar rivets on my glansplasty are reducing:)