If you’re wondering

Yes, I still can wear a realdoe in the natal opening and use it in coordination with my penis for dp.

I can also penetrate, pre-erectile implant, with no coban or elator. You do have to use a hand for support.

I have sensation for receiving oral sex everywhere. Tactile, thermic, light and heavy touch, erogenous sensation. They say these will continue to intensify over the next two years as nerves keep growing.

I’m back to all my normal activities this week. I’ve gotten back to the gym and weight training.

No more bleeding from anything. So glad about that.

I still like wearing loose jock straps best. I need new pants asap for more crotch/groin room. Seriously, the constriction shows. I have to readjust every time I stand or sit, especially while doing weights, hah. But I feel like it’s a safe place to readjust. 😆

I’m 1.5 months post hysto!

The fatigue is still real, however.

4.75 m post op

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