5 months post op. Details on the balls. No testicular implants yet. Two months post scrotoplasty. The fullness you see in the scrotum is inguinal fat transfer which was done during surgery. The left side is smaller because an interior portion had to be excised during a postop infection. All good now but can’t wait to even them out! My vy scrotoplasty is modified to have a cleft in it, to be symbolic of my third gender identity. I feel it is manifestation of my identity. Bifid in a range is a common intersex presentation. The scrotum is joined about a half or 2/3 of the way up then splits like a bifid– but it is in the typical vy position below the penis and out of the way of the thighs. For this unfamiliar with the technique, the scrotum is made of my natal labia majora, so my vulva has only minora. My urethra is perineal. I love the aesthetics of the way Dr. Coon made it. I used to be, at all times at least to some degree, dysphoric about it being there and just wanted to hide it all behind, but now that I am healed from phallo and scrotoplasty, waiting on testes and the erectile device inside, my vaginal dysphoria is totally gone. I can even say words like vagina, which I was never comfortable with before. I feel so complete, even as I wait for the implants and erectile device. I have gone back and forth, but I want to give the pump with the button a try. We are scheduling my stage 3 for December, about a year from my stage 1, with plans for voice surgery the March following. I’m still waiting for my micropigmentation tattoos, which will happen this summer. My Silipos sleeve came in yesterday, so I’m going to give that a try– although it seems like it would be very hot. The material is very pleasant to touch, however. My top surgery revision scars from last November are finally starting to turn from pink to white, at six months. Cmon scars other places!

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