Two days since tattoo spot tests. It is too inflamed to tell exactly what colors were laid down or what they look like in the skin. Lol it looks like my penis took a nap in a koolaid puddle. Maybe two more days until the colors start to emerge. 6 months post op. A little… Continue reading

Color patch testing, four hours today with Mark He printed the reference images of shades and shadows we wanted, then matched them. We are testing how much color is true to that once healed in a month

Color test to make the pigments for my phalloplasty penis! We spent an hour discussing the details in my reference images. Four hours today will be spent matching the shades of my lips, mouth, nipples, and other erogenous areas to get it just right on my penis. I wait a month after this to see… Continue reading

Hey! First off, thank you for sharing your journey!! Second, I was wondering if you could tell me how you got started with voice treatment? I’ve been on T for a year and a half now, and I’ve been experiencing some pretty bad strain on my vocal cords, but haven’t mentioned it to my doctor, because as supportive as she is, I’m the first openly trans patient she’s had, so she doesn’t have a lot of resources available for me. I’d love to work on my voice so I don’t hurt myself when I speak/sing.

My voice treatment is categorized under muscular tension dysphonia. I asked for a full voice evaluation, like why my voice couldn’t comfortably produce lower pitches. They said the tension was raising my pitch. They scoped it with the help of an otolaryngologist and I proceeded with voice therapy.

Hey y’all! I just reached the six month post op mark phalloplasty. It’s only six months until my stage 3: erectile device and testicular implant do-over!! 😍 I’m booked for December 20 with Dr. Burnett / Dr. Coon. 🍆☝️ In the mean time, I have booked a photorealism tattoo artist to add shading and details… Continue reading