Hey y’all! I just reached the six month post op mark phalloplasty. It’s only six months until my stage 3: erectile device and testicular implant do-over!! 😍 I’m booked for December 20 with Dr. Burnett / Dr. Coon. 🍆☝️

In the mean time, I have booked a photorealism tattoo artist to add shading and details to my penis. Like, right now the whole thing is a single tone for the most part. And I can’t stand that.

My artist is making custom colors matched to other parts of my body, for reference, like lips, other genital areas, transition spaces between one type of skin and another. He is doing a 3D frenum on me, which is super important to me, as well as the capillaries and veins. DOC is planning to raise those later with dermal fillers.

Next week we are doing the pigment test to see how these colors react and blend on me, and then we wait three weeks to see how they settle. That puts me in mid-July for a full day with my artist. I can’t wait.

That means I can show you all my coloration in the flesh at Philly Trans Health Conference in early August at the show and tell 🙂 Or you can check it out on my blog as the ink goes down. Maybe we can do video!

After that, Dr. Best wants to do voice surgery with me in March over spring break. How I love a trip to Baltimore!

My arm, as much as it has healed, is driving me mad for being hairless. That’s the worst. I’m going to ask DOC if anything can be done at all, options. The more it heals pigment wise, the more I hate the hairlessness. I really wish he had done a full thickness graft to my arm like they do in London. 😔 Nothing we can do about that now (?). I know I should just be grateful…

A minor complication? I had a CT scan for a potential incisional hernia across my belly today. We had expected swelling to go down by now, but it has not. So we have to figure out whether it’s lymph related, incisional hernia from moving luggage inevitably at the airport, or something else.

But anyway, yeah, super excited to get stage 3. Life feels in limbo until then.

Photo from yesterday sent by Melissa Noyes, Dr. Coon’s coordinator.

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