Day four after tattooing. The swelling is 70% down, redness decreased, and a lot of peeling has started. I picked up the fragrance free Lubriderm lotion to help the peeling from happening too quickly. I don’t know a lot about tattoos, so this is new to me. The scarring between the glansplasty graft on the… Continue reading

Did you have to have a hysterectomy?No, that was my choice. Since I did not want to have vaginectomy or otherwise lengthening, there is no phalloplasty necessity to have hysterectomy. I did it at three months post op while they were doing scrotoplasty.

Three days after tattooing. Still dealing with a considerable amount of swelling and extra redness, which is to be expected 7-10 days after tattooing such a large area. It will be a little while yet before I can see how the tattoo pigment exactly turned out. You can see some of the swelling has gone… Continue reading

Did you like staying in Baltimore? Are there pros of traveling?This has been a totally unexpected outcome of deciding to have gender surgery out of state, in Maryland: I have community in multiple places now. I got to help build community over there. I know another city and consider it a second home. I stayed… Continue reading

The Easter egg: my surgeons signature hidden in the veins. I am grateful for the dozens of hours he has put into my body, as well as for his compassion and fight. I love him for affirming me as a nonbinary person and insisting insurance pay when they were being awful. I love him for… Continue reading

What were the unexpected psychological effects of surgery?I love showering. I would do it twice a day just to be alone with my body. I love shopping for fun underwear. I was to just… Experience. I had a blast swimsuit shopping and trying on like 75 suits at this fancy gay men’s boutique. I feel… Continue reading

Day 1 after pigmentation tattoo. I am getting some color seeping but not a lot. I may have a little moisture bump near the glans. I will give it more time to air dry before doing the wrapping. 15 mins is recommended. I do see and feel swelling today. I took a hydrocodone for pain… Continue reading

Closing with befores and afters TODAY! (Left and right; the shiny one is in aquaphor and the other is dry) Had paramedical tattoo with Mark Womack (New York City and Dallas/Denton), expert color photorealism artist. I had him apply anatomically appropriate overall shading, veins, capillaries, meatus shading (pee hole), and disguise over some of the… Continue reading