We are glad to have helped you along the way

My heart…

The pharmacists at CVS here told me they had been worried. They hadn’t seen me in a long time then saw my arm covered.

I told them I had been in and out of the hospital for phalloplasty and in recovery many months this year. And I had gotten Testopel implants, so I hadn’t been refilling T. They were so happy for me!

They came out to me as gay, and they said they had been quietly rooting for me and Ash over the years as they watched me grow into myself. One more thing–

“Being Asian, we always worry about what parents think. Is that a stereotype?” one of the pharmacists laughed, “We just hoped… Do your parents support you?”

“Oh, more or less. But it’s complicated.”

“Sounds like our parents!” the other smiled, “Say. It has been our honor to help you along our part of the way.”

Such a feeling of community. I never knew they felt that way.

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