Off the side of the bed. I have had scrotoplasty but no testicular implants right now. We tried to do some in March, four months ago, but they didn’t take. So my scrotum stays pretty close to my body from a front profile view. When I lift the scrotum you can see my vagina. My partner says they feel like the luckiest person in the world. I said I feel more lucky. I have erogenous sensation in both areas, penis and tdick/ clitoris. My penis is linked to the erogenous nerve, the same nerve my old stuff is on, too. You don’t have to have transposition/ burial to be able to have erogenous sensation in both areas. I did not want vaginectomy, and I’m glad I did not have burial. Sometimes I wonder if I would want urethral lengthening if I had it to do over, but I always sit to pee anyway. I don’t mind. It made my recovery a lot easier to skip all that and just focus on healing what was essential for me, then get back to Texas. I have a scar that has formed in the bottom of the head of my penis that I think makes a pretty shadow right down the middle… Sex is good. I can top with focus and careful positioning pre-erectile device. It’s a lot like sex with a chub. You can, of course, receive oral sex. Mostly I bottom (receive penetration), usually vaginally but sometimes anally. When I receive front penetration my penis usually falls across my hip to the side. If I want more stimulation directly I can lubricate it to rub between our bellies or let it fall between my legs to get rubbed with the strokes. I leave a… Positive review for that experience. /6m

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