How’s the sensation in your penis?

Doing great! Base to tip sensation. Somewhat more sensitive on the right side than left, as you would except this early with nerve hookup on the right side. I get giddy when I feel heat and cold in particular because it’s so novel. I like the way a vibe feels on the glans… a lot. A light touch is very sensitive and tickly, or even erogenous. I hear erogenous sensation will keep coming in for the next 1.5 years. I also feel pressure or heavy touch, which can feel nice. 

Little things that didn’t used to hurt at 3, 4 months out do now at 7 months. It’s too sensitive to pluck stray hairs now and then. When I do any shave up, grooming it is now uncomfortable unless using a quality shaving cream or lather. I get itches when I’m sweaty. Or shall I say… Schwetty? Haha.

I can tell when it’s “wrong” in my clothes, like bent funny, because it will hurt. I used to worry about that constantly early on, it being bent the wrong way and getting hurt or constricted. Now, because I can feel it, I don’t have to go check in the bathroom and make sure I’m positioned ideally. I can feel where it is.

At least once a day, I will get this kind of shock or sting that lasts just maybe five or ten seconds. It isn’t like the sparkling and crackling I got early on. Later, I will have more feeling in that spot. Yesterday I got one in my belly button (where they did my laproscopichysto four months ago). Today, I got one where my phantom labia used to be. I get itches on my labia/scrotum out in space where I used to be between my legs, and it gets on my nerves (ha), because I never know where I am supposed to scratch it. Like, hello body, I don’t live there anymore. So my balls itch. My brain just doesn’t know where, yet 🙂

7 months post op

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