Day 1 after pigmentation tattoo. I am getting some color seeping but not a lot. I may have a little moisture bump near the glans. I will give it more time to air dry before doing the wrapping. 15 mins is recommended.

I do see and feel swelling today. I took a hydrocodone for pain this morning, left over from surgery. It’s not bending well in my clothes with the swelling so I look like a have a long chub in my pants. It’s a sweats day thankfully!

I got some 100% Shea butter and 100% coconut oil to moisturize lightly (instead of Aquaphor), while plastic wrapping these first three days. I will keep doing bacitracin for two more days. I am also using Desonide steroid thinly due to my hypertrophic scarring condition. After this, when it starts to peel around day 4, I can switch to a thin hypoallergenic lotion like Cetaphil. I am washing it with my fingertips and antibacterial soap every 4-6 hours.

In six weeks we have a pigment touch-up to boost color where it settles too mild and fill in any pigment lost during healing. Geez I love this. I think the part that impresses me most is the meatus, or urinary opening. Doc put in a dermal punch there so it would have the right shape for applying color. It was to close up in healing, then the artist could add the appearance of depth. It worked very well.

My spouse is in love with it. We said this artist is a genius. I agree. How beautiful that the artist got to apply his skills to be a healer, also.

The veins look so natural. Soon I will ask Dr. Coon about elevating them with cosmetic filler similar to Juvederm.

I swear I told Doc last year my top goal in this was the aesthetics. This is it!! *Happy tears*

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