What were the unexpected psychological effects of surgery?

I love showering. I would do it twice a day just to be alone with my body.

I love shopping for fun underwear. I was to just… Experience.

I had a blast swimsuit shopping and trying on like 75 suits at this fancy gay men’s boutique.

I feel desirable. Not in the eyes of others but in my own eyes.

When I went swimming, I loved the sensation of my penis floating along with me! I went skinny dipping in my friend’s pool, and my entire body swam in joy.

I like the lights on when I’m dressing or changing or having sex. I want to see everything.

Sexual penetration of others is extremely pleasurable. Like, I knew it, but I didn’t think on it before. Oral sex is mind-blowing. I thought I knew what sex could be like generally. This is another world. Sometimes I can’t even look because the sensation and the emotion all at once is tremendous.

I love feeling it move lightly, love the warmth when it’s, say, against my thigh. You just feel… Right.

That first helicopter dick is the most hilarious fun you could imagine.

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