Day four after tattooing. The swelling is 70% down, redness decreased, and a lot of peeling has started. I picked up the fragrance free Lubriderm lotion to help the peeling from happening too quickly. I don’t know a lot about tattoos, so this is new to me. The scarring between the glansplasty graft on the glans and the original tip seems to be way less noticeable after tattooing. I don’t know if it’s just coloration or swelling reducing the wrinkle, or maybe the scar was stimulated by the microneedling effect of the tattoo. Oh, I never mentioned, the artist tattooed into the bush area about a half inch around the shaft, so that when hair came back in, the color variation from shaft to mound would blend smoothly. It will be a graceful variation later. I think I am going to want the veins darker, since I can’t see them well today. We have to see how things settle seen months post op. Today I was struck by how few trans people will ever get to have this experience, me with phalloplasty and my wife with vaginoplasty. It is such a responsibility to know that. How can we take this gift and use it to make a contribution to the whole community?

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  1. You’re amazing . Posting your experience and giving us hope is all you had to do. It means a lot .

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