The theme of this set is probably balls. It’s Thursday, and they got sewn together on Monday. It’s coming along well. I was back at work today and had to move slowly and pace myself. I couldn’t do much with my weak wrist. I noticed my left hand was swelling if I used it too much. I know my arm is swollen, but I think this is really going to hide the divet well. I’m just glad to get rid of that feeling of scar constriction. I wonder how much of the fat will get reabsorbed and what will stay where we put it?

Doc also separated a small piece of the glans from where it had adhered to the shaft. He injected steroid into the troublesome scars and removed the one at my wrist by w-plasty. I don’t know what incision was used in my leg, because it’s taped over with Tegaderm.

Now my next visit with them is in… 133 days… For the erectile device and testicle (the mechanism has one ball kind of built into it). I feel so much happiness. After work today, I had to go lay down. I was so tired.

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