Postop sex 8 months

Last night, my spouse put my balls in their mouth for the first time. I was speechless. How can I describe it? Forgive my sentimentality, but I was overwhelmed by the romance of it. We had just gotten a new cottony blue and white duvet, and our fan was blowing this perfect gentle breeze. It was spontaneous, so there was still cello music going. The way they cradled my shaft in their hands while exploring tongue-wise. They said the textures of my scrotum were perfect, between rolling and stretching the skin. I could hear every long, low pitch of the cello like it was my own self in harmonic vibration. Their tongue was a succulent wrap gliding around and over the glans; then, to feel these parts disappear inside the velvet wet embrace of full lips– It is the same eager mouth that kissed my parts before, when everything was so different… I just… I just know life is beautiful.

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