How do I know it is erogenous?

It caught me by surprise, really, but after I started becoming aroused, I would become hyper-aware or sensations in my penis. I realized that this same thing would happen in my natal tissue, like an excitement of the tissue. But it’s new here, and I didn’t focus on it or plan for it. It’s just happening.

I noticed this month, 10, when I rub on my penis instead of it just feeling like any old touch I’ll start to feel a flush in my cheeks and rising in the back of my throat. I may have even just been fiddling around absent mindedly as I’ve gotten in the habit under my sheets, just to enjoy that there is sensation period, and it’s just different now. I’m focused in on it more than I ever thought to analyze in my natal tissues, but when I rub on this new penis, or squeeze on it, I’ll start to get a heaviness—almost behind my eyes— that makes me want to gasp for air, and when the pulse quickens I am certain it is erogenous sensation. From then I know I want in a compelling way for this sensation to continue, and it isn’t like that with other touches. If I rub long enough, I almost can’t hear things the same way, like sounds become cloudy and remote. If only we could approach all sensation with the novelty and attention we grow new nerves, having a penis like this for the first time at age 31.

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