A change in plans

So I got sorta bad news today. Well, cautious news and a change of plans.

I am scheduled for erectile implant in about a month– stage 3. Well, I also have need for a hernia repair, and I had some questions about when that was going to happen in the timeline.

DOC said he conferred with some peers at WPATH in Buenos Aires, and they and Dr. Burnett agree that the large full-abdominal hernia repair mesh implantation is a huge infection risk for the ED. I should have the abdominal surgery before the ED, by at least three months.

So my implant surgery for December might end up being a hernia repair instead. Oof.

Doc left it up to me to negotiate risk if I felt the ED was critical to me right now, and I said I would rather have both surgeries go successfully. I would rather postpone the erectile implant and wait until the coast is clear. I’ve already dealt with infection, and I don’t want to go back there again.

They hernia repair is high risk, because of the way it gets around the work Dr. Coon did to my phallo nerve and arterial hookups. No one could work on this without him present, he says, to dissect and isolate these parts from interference. Wow. But they’ve gotta do it.

We said maybe… Maybe if they can make it work they could do an abdominal repair this holiday, and then in March for spring break they can do my voice surgery and erectile device at the same time. Doc and I laughed about how Laryngology has never done a joint case with erection hydraulics ever, in the history of the hospital.

I’m known in the OR for writing them surprise messages on my body, and I had joked I want to write to give me a voice like Morgan Freeman, a bulge repair, and a new bulge. Dr. Coon said to make sure it isn’t anywhere I sweat, because it could become a Morgan Freeman bulge and a bugle voice. Omg haha. He is good at making me laugh when I’m a bit concerned.

I got this hernia after my stage 2, when they did my hysto. We may never know exactly why the laproscopy stretched out and damaged my abdominal wall the way it did. I’ve had two kids, and it was three months after working below my muscles, for phalloplasty hookups. That’s all we can guess besides what we can’t know. But none of that usually has this impact.

Privately, I fear it happened when I was stranded at the airport in a wheelchair from my complications, unable to move my luggage, and I had no choice but to move it no matter how uncomfortable it was, with no one around and my bus about to leave. I wonder if lifting luggage when I shouldn’t have is what hurt me. There was no one to help… Ah well. What is done is done.

Well, the hope of being one-and-done with everything below for December has sailed.

Silver lining fantasy: If they can make my belly gorgeous some kind of way? Ha. Can’t hurt to ask. If you’re gonna take it completely apart, maybe you could put it back together nicely.

I guess it’ll be a little longer then. Accepting hugs on this wild surgery roller coaster of things out of my control. Just keeping on keeping on, I ‘spose. Will find out more about what they can schedule for me, soon.

The other silver lining? Cautious surgeons who aren’t going to put my body at risk.

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