24 hours post erectile device

Almost 24 hours out of erectile device and testicular implant surgery. Still managing the pain with oxycodone, but I’m walking around slowly, feeling much better than last night‼️

It feels like strong cramps in my belly, where the chamber is, and my penis is quite sore to the touch. I can feel the deflated cylinder, and even deflated it takes up space in there, adding girth.

My scrotum is swollen and painful. The gauze in my jock strap keeps it elevated away from pressure at the thigh. The small incision on my belly and the bottom of my penis is painful when I move in the hospital bed or shuffle around. The left side of my belly where they did that incision has a drain on it, to catch old blood and reduce the risk of infection.

But… So far, everything is going well! Six weeks until we activate the pump. 🙏🥳

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