Months 6-9 tattoo Tumblr rescue photos

Pigment done by @markwadeink of insta, Mark Womack

3 thoughts on “Months 6-9 tattoo Tumblr rescue photos”

  1. How did you find a tattoo artist willing to do this? And do you know of any that would be in the San Diego area?

    1. Hi! I went on as broad a search as I could for photorealism artists who work in color. This artist flew to me from New York, quite a ways to Texas, but he had a group of clients to see here. I would travel for a serious artist. This has been close to a million dollar medical investment, and I could not let it be at risk in the hands of anyone less than a master of color realism. After I got names, I started emailing and messaging like crazy, then found out who would even consider the project. Since Mark’s family is medical, and he is the artist, he found out to be a fascinating project to apply his skill to a medical need. The so-called cosmetic medical artists I found said this was beyond their training.

      1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all of this. I know it’s incredibly personal and I feel so grateful to see this for my own information before I have phalloplasty. I appreciate it a lot. It is also really relieving to see a non binary person talking about this positively. I’m so happy for you honestly!

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