Q. Hey.just wanted to say thanks for sharing ur blog. Was in a lot of doubt when it comes to bottom surgery, but ur sausage looks just like the cis one! Lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘ do u have any sensation in ur phallo? And if ur girl doesnt mind sharing id like to know whats the sensation for her once its inside ? πŸ˜ƒ

Thanks a lot buddy!

A. Hey yeah! I think my penis looks like a trans one: superior to the cis models in every bionic way. For whatever reason I get a little miffed to be compared to cis male bodies. Yeah, natal dicks are what these are patterned after, but I think it’s an opportunity to surpass the natural, to transcend it. I also don’t like calling my organ a “phallo”; I shorten the surgery to phallo, but this organ isn’t a surgery. It’s a penis, dick, cock, all that. I think trans folks have a fearful way of distancing ourselves from those words we give natal genitals. But those are our words too.

I have sensation base to tip, cold, sexual pleasure, pain, light touch, pressure. Sensation inside is like any other dick of these proportions, on the stiffer side than most men are capable of after their teens, but all the better because we waited so long for this. I’ve only penetrated her flaccid, not hard yet since you have to wait six weeks post op. I can’t see any reason it would be different than any other firm penis. She has a constructed vagina, from a vaginoplasty, which generally are a little less stretchy and need a thicker lube. I’m certain it will be awesome.

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