WOW new sexual experience post phalloplasty

First of all, we have been just 10/10 crazy for each other sexually lately. Something about life finally coming together, full circle. And also the forbidden aspect, maybe, since I’m not clear for unbridled sexual anything, just three weeks post erectile prosthesis implant. I can’t go to town or anything, but a few gentle touches on my dick that feel just heavenly… Yeah. If it weren’t such a novel sensation at my age, I’d think it were part of me my whole life. There’s no part of it that feels foreign. It’s the most right and natural thing I’ve felt sexually my whole life.

So, the other night my partner was penetrating me– she is a dominant transgender woman and likes to top me, which brings me every subby delight in the world. She was being gentle with me like I was a precious, fragile virgin, and that aspect seemed to be turning up the excitement for both of us. I wasn’t spreading my legs far, and to avoid pressure on me, I was laying perpendicular to her. My legs wrapped over her side, we were breathless enthralled at the way my new cock bounced up and down soft, to the rhythm of her pumps in me. The dick she uses on me is solid silicone, her being post-op nearly nine years now– but I digress.

Well, feeling a little more daring, she climbed up over me, holding herself up over me with strong arms. Dear god, I craved those full-body-contact missionary thrusts. I think I moaned more in a beg than an ecstasy– and consenting, she proceeded gentle as before, watching my face and body vigilantly for any sign of discomfort. As we picked up speed, my dick fell between the fray of thighs, and I started getting stroked by her thrusts.

I have never, ever felt unbridled passion and overwhelming pleasure like the feeling of my dick stroking, in each passing, her well-lubricated labia, pressed between the rub of her cashew-brown feeldoe dick pounding in my own sugar walls. Let’s just say it never occurred to me how much fiery sensation and stroking would get on my dick from the mechanics of receiving penetration. We both had jaws dropped in marvelling and panting and proximity to climax… I struggled to gasp out to her what was happening to me. She knew.

laying soft on the side of my bed admiring the growing flexibility of my ballsa little hard in the bath, exploring… the “clinical” update photo I’m sending my doctor post-op… I’m sinfully guilty of making sure the pics I send him are cute. Pretty sure he is straight but I want him to know he made something pretty. Ah Devin O’Brien-Coon… You are such a marvellous man, giving us all the capacity for pleasure of the body and pleasure of the soul more than either of us could have dreamed. My top fantasy about him? Being able to retire as his patient forever and just sitting in some old fisherman’s bar by the harbor, drinking cold beer and laughing about life. I know he is doing his job, but I’m just to grateful to have gotten to know him and work together to make all this bliss possible.

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