My fav underwear

Of course they look better without pants than in the pants. These are for dancing cute in my mirror. I love seeing the glans edge through. These are by 2Exist. Ahhhh today I am so extremely glad I had phalloplasty and Dr. Coon got me here. Today I felt reversals of dysphoric feelings I used to have. When I started transitioning I took out all my piercings… I thought they were feminine in a misgendering way or something. Today I put them all back in, the ones still open. Seven back in. I feel like I’m finally discovering who I am, out of the cloud of dysphoria making me afraid and unsafe about so much. Yes. So much healing. Previously I couldn’t wear underwear since I was about ten, because it made me feel my genitals on my underwear cloth.i didn’t even know why I couldn’t handle it. It’s like breaking a spell. Ah to be trans and happy.

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