One year post-op rff trans phalloplasty scar, donor site

I’m just more and more pleased with it. The pink area by the wrist is a four month old scar revisions to smoothen it. I wish transgender medical chatter wouldn’t go on so often about a “disfiguring scar”. That’s some mess. Mostly this part of my arm is just hairless. I compensate by running a beard trimmer over my arm now and then to let the rest of my hair be less drama– less bold of a transition from hair to no hair. If I got super fixated on it, I could have have some butt hair (which I grow in asses of spades) grafted over. Maybe one day if I get super bored and have too much money. For now, I’ll just say Dr. Coon did a wonderful job being personally vigilant about how it was healing.

I have Integra tissue regeneration matrix implanted in here, and it was 100% worth it for reducing scarring and a divet. Either way, I see this mark as the story of what I’ve been through as a trans person… The story of how much healing I have experienced, not the story of an injury. This mark erased the much deeper scars I carried before bottom surgery.

Sometimes strangers or coworkers ask. I’ll either say a skin graft or that I’d rather not discuss it. There always good with that.

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