Video: How floppy is a flaccid dick postop trans phalloplasty?

I fielded a bunch of questions on how she moves (of course I use she/her pronouns for something like a cruise ship or small personal sailing vessel). Like, how bendy is an RFF (radial forearm free flap) penis after trans phalloplasty and Coloplast Titan erectile implant? How floppy?

So here’s the thing. Not as floppy as the average natal dick, but floppy enough not to look like a chub in your pants. This also varies with the amount of body fat in your donor site. I had average arms, but not skinny (BMI 31), so some of the structure in this is that fat. I also had Alloderm implanted at stage 1 (penis creation) and stage 3 of 3 (where it wraps the new implant).

The Titan here is fully deflated but as you can see I can’t quite achieve California roll levels of natal penis origami. I’ve got enough structure to penetrate while soft, especially since the ends of the Coloplast cylinders have a cone for shape. So, I’m out of party tricks like making my penis into a fruit roll-up — but I still got some give! Erect, no give whatsoever. Erect, the Coloplast Titan is like… Prom night in Sparta, gay gymnasium wrestling edition.

You can probably also see how the structure tapers off around the head, so the glans dangles with a bit more play than the rest of the sausage. For my non-native speaker of English siblings here, by “play” I mean it wiggles around more easily (a rarer definition of play, seldom used in the double entendres it deserves.)

On the upside, that extra bit of structure is eye-catching in any garment built to feature the package in a provocative bundle– yet discrete in average professional or casual clothing. This implant, along with the AMS 700 series, offer the softest of the softies combined with the hardest of the hardies, a major factor in my decision to go with a three piece over two piece.

Now that initial swelling is down, I can say the implant really does fills out the tissue nicely to a dramatic flaccid girth. Yum!

Note on the video– this is one year post-op stage one and almost a month after erectile device implant surgery (aka penile prosthesis… Not to be confused with a prosthetic penis– it’s just the apparatus inside that gets it hard). Hope this bathtub video is useful to ftm / trans masculine / afab nonbinary folks considering not just how penises from phallo look but how they *move*. Haha, specifically in a bubble bath.

Need-to-know transgender info in my mind!

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  1. Hello! I love your blog and I’m very thankful that you choose to share your journey with us. If you don’t mind me asking and it is not too intrusive, I was wondering if when you get an erection (via your implant of course), can you feel it? I’ve heard cis men describe getting boners as “throbbing” and sometimes with a pulse in their dick. Do you have these sensations as well?

    1. Hi! So part of erogenous sensation is an acute awareness of the genitals when aroused. This started happening to me around month 10 post-op. It’s more like, when I am aroused my body “wants” a hard-on. I get the urge to touch my penis and balls, which leads to squeezing on them making it hard. There’s a pulse in my penis, but I’ve never been acutely aware of it I think. When I have an orgasm, that pulsing of climax is felt sometimes more in my natal erectile tissue, sometimes spreading more into my phallo penis, sometimes both at one or one after another, or vaguely spreading through all my pelvis. I think some of that cis dick language is metaphor, but there’s something about erogenous sensation and the pulse of eagerness or the waves of pleasure in climax which is easily applicable to this kind of dick, too:)

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