Video: ftm / nonbinary phalloplasty jacking off erect

The plan was to make a companion video to the flaccid show-and-tell, but I may have gotten carried away from show-and-tell to show-and-tell.

However I promise that these videos have the medical purpose of demonstrating how the hard trans phalloplasty penis works post-op. It is quite hard, like a marble, and I could not bend it if I tried. I show that here. The outer skin, tissue, and nerves stretch around that firmness and budge a little at the jerk, which is extremely pleasurable. Now when I feel aroused I desperately want to feel this sensation again.

The glansplasty head / the glans is softer than the shaft, but that’s normal for cocks. It still has quite a bit of structure just from how it is built and the end of the Coloplast Titan cylinders being somewhat conical.

If you’re hunting you can see the line scar on my glans from the Norfolk glansplasty done by Devin O’Brien-Coon, but I don’t think it impacts passing for those who need passing. It’s just a quirk like every penis has, in one way or another. I like that the scar bumps around the shaft area of the glansplasty scar, because it looks just like a circumcision scar transitioning to sulcus.

That springier softness of the glans, in particular the coronal ridge, feels fantastically pleasurable.

I’m constantly being asked if sensation is good. Honey. It’s not good. It’s more than I ever imagined. Thank you for the nerve hookup, Johns Hopkins.

An itty bitty complaint if I have any is how the tubing of the Titan erectile implant (IPP) bulges a little to the right of the shaft, but I don’t care so much. There’s another bulge that is much more my concern now *big grin*

Didn’t Mark Womack @markwadeink do a lovely job on the ink?

Another tip– Wicked Creme masturbation cream for men, company based in Luxembourg. They distribute in the US out of California. This stuff is just right the balance of creamy balm and silky slick for stroking.

I think one of these videos may even be slow mo? Enjoy these hopefully-educational reels, lazy Saturday style.

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