Video clip: phallo dick flaccid, standing

I was standing to drip-dry after the bath– and after phalloplasty, I’ve come to enjoy these moments alone with my penis in the bath more than anything. Did I ever mention that before surgery I thought I had some sort of aquaphobia or sensory issue… I just could not relax alone before, nude. Now, I could just stand in the steam and enjoy every minute sensation.

Phalloplasty penis and scrotoplasty from behind. The transgender life.

In complete awe that it is all real.

6 thoughts on “Video clip: phallo dick flaccid, standing”

  1. Your results are seriously perfect! Thanks for sharing your experiences its hard to find such in depth experience and information anymore.

  2. Hey man. I come here almost every day to hear about all of your amazing results and journey. It really is an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes things seem very hopeful. You are a great writer as well!

    Would you mind sharing the doctors contact info. Can you just go for a consultation with him?

    All the best

    1. I’m so glad to hear it is helpful to you.
      Yeah, you just call and request a consult. They’ll set up a phone interview intake first to get all your info and figure out what your general needs and questions are, then schedule the consult with Dr. Coon.

      Fortunately I had this in a Google doc! You can start by email or a phone call:

      Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health

      844.546.5645 – toll free

      410.367.2055 – fax

  3. Hello again. I do have a question about sensation. Do you have enough sexual sensation in the dick that you could use only that to climax? Trying to get a ‘feel’ lol for what the sensation is like sexually. I want to be completely educated on what the realities are. Again thank you for all your work and contacts.

    1. I don’t know yet! Kinda like… I could climax from anal sex only or only front penetration only but I very rarely just do the one and almost always combine with something else I like. I’ve full climaxed at least a dozen times over the years just from strapping (topping with a prosthetic) and no other stimulation in earnest, so I’d give a 99.999% chance it would work to cum with just the phallo d. I’m a bottom though, so my penis is kinda sexually incidental for climax? I’ve been really getting into the reach around lately– and the swordfight that comes from belly to belly penetration when my penis base gets rubbed by the thrusts of the top 🙂

      For me, though, climax is less the sensation and more the whole experience, muddying the data.

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