Gallery: How big is my trans phalloplasty penis?

First of all, I had RFF or radial forearm free flap. The length is limited by the nerves and veins in there. I really don’t care for this question, because so many people obsess about potential ideal size pre-op, and really we have much less control over it than many think. Yes, in some ways it is a custom penis; in other ways, it is what nature through the surgeon can give you.

I may not like giving inches, but I can show you some pennies and toilet paper tubes! I think it says a lot more than a number anyway.

okay, tube size is universal size right? As you can see, the tube size is smaller. It will not go down past the glans.

The penny helped me see my size in scale:D

My penis meets toilet paper tube… Separated at Birth?!

Mwahaha the penis won't fit in the tube.

That’s enough of a field trip for you, Lincoln.

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  1. I have a question about the donor site hair removla if its still there on your phallus post op can it still be removed after? Will it negatively effect anything?

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