RFF phalloplasty: Donor site scar care

I’m often asked what I did to care for my donor site. The simple run down–

Trans phalloplasty donor site 13 months postop

My scar care list:

Integra implanted

Ultrasonic heat, 10-20 sessions

Mechanical scar massage with OT, 10-20

Hawk grip scar massage with OT 10ish

Suction treatments with OT 10ish

Silicone sheeting given by OT

Silicone patch spot treatment at OT

Silipos compression sleeve overnight

Covered the first year 90% of the time

Medical-grade sunscreen daily

Daily veterinary lanolin-petrolatum salve (Bag Balm)

W-plasty scar revision

Xeroform sheeting every day twice a day over salve the first four months– That’s a Bacitracin impregnated gauze

Fat grafting

KT tape to stretch contractions

Estrace cream and steroid cream

Fractal laser 2x

It took daily work to get it to this point. I wonder what it will look like a year from now. I owe as much to Dr. Coon as I do to the Johns Hopkins OT team.

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