Video: Healed phalloplasty!! Dancing 🥂

I don’t care for the term “results” regarding my body, but for people who use the term–This the final outcome right here, RFF phalloplasty, scars and all. I find people don’t just want to see it; they want to see how it moves. They want to see how it looks when you run around. Jog. Dance.

But hey. Everything is healed. That’s something to celebrate!!

I had a moment alone to celebrate all the milestones, really feeling the joy. I’m a bear of a dancer, but it’s just me alone in my bathroom, hoping to give someone else out there a portrait of what trans phalloplasty is really like in 2019.

It’s odd to me how you can’t even Google image it really without immediately pulling up nonstandard techniques, incomplete surgeries, a mix of cis stuff, lots of wounds, and… How can I put this? –Photos that do not feature the possibilities as far as aesthetics.

Okay can I confess a way inappropriate lofty fantasy? Not a sexual fantasy but a sort of fake fantasy? It’s super embarrassing.

I wish one of my penis photos was a reference image in Wikipedia page for trans phalloplasty.

Okay, now you know, and I can yo run and hide!

(PS, new friends, i’m nonbinary and most days don’t like to be called ftm, dude, man, bro. thanks. I like neutral terms and some all over the map, as long as we don’t get stuck ultra masc or ultra femme against consent:)

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