I wish I knew who read all this

Since I created this blog, based on the stats, i feel like a lot of people are looking at it. I wish I could know more about who is reading it, whether it is useful and helpful? This is really for me, but I hope.

14 thoughts on “I wish I knew who read all this”

  1. I read it all the time!!! I absolutely love, love, love your diary blog!
    It gives me more than a smile after each sentence, but hope of my life in the future! Don’t stop writing, you are an incredible writer!!!


  2. This blog means the world to me. Seeing someone else going through the surgery experience I hope for is so inspiring. It makes it more… real? I look forward to your posts every day. Your blog is so helpful to me. Thanks for posting (:

  3. I love this! Every day I look to see if you added more. I love that you are sharing your storey for ppl like myself who are waiting to get to that point in there life. Your amazing and handsome. O and your dick looks great :). I can’t wait to be where you are one day.

  4. This blog is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen when it comes to phalloplasty. I absolutely love it.

  5. I am so thankful for this blog! For a long time, I was unsure about whether or not I wanted phalloplasty but this has helped tremendously in my decision and I can confidently say that I do! I still have some figuring out to do because RFF would significantly impact my job so I have to figure out if it will be right for me in that sense. I will also be sitting down with my girlfriend to read posts with her so she can get a better idea about what it’s like.

  6. I read your blog in it’s entirety. I love it. I love how poetic you get, how real and practical all at the same time. It inspires me deeply. I am starting the process myself and reading another NB person making themselves into reality is so crucial to my own idea of possibilities.

  7. This blog has been lovely to read and keep up with. Makes the journey feel a little less intimidating and less lonely. Thank you for your words, your openness, and your humor.

  8. Hi, I read the blog weekly! It makes sense to me and it helps immensely. I read every post. I think about what I want for my body knowing your experience. It has lead me to bigger and better dreams. Phallo may be a couple years away, but it is never too early to start planning. thanks for the work!

  9. Hey, I really like your blog. I’m planning to have all three surgeries, but I think it’s not possible now (my age).

  10. Hey, I’m a random trans dude who reads this blog. All of your posts give me so much hope for the future. Reading about your euphoria only confirms my desire to try and pursue phalloplasty one day. I can’t wait to experience everything you write about first hand.

  11. i read your blog weekly. your eloquent, revealing monologues about coming to love your non-binary body has been a primary motivator in my decision to seek phalloplasty myself (this fall!). i cannot thank you enough for your poetic insight, your generous photo diaries and your playful attitude toward your healing and the complexities it entails.

  12. i’m nowhere near as eloquent as the folk above but.
    this blog is useful to me as a reminder that things will look up and get better, that this sort of happiness and comfort in one’s skin is possible and achievable. as an enby with different surgical options, there are still a lot of shared factors and it’s honestly kept me going sometimes, knowing that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and that things will be at least a little bit like this eventually

  13. Thanks for posting your story! I often just see pictures on tumbler but I about gave up on the thought of RFF cause I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it in the end. Your results are fantastic!

  14. I just found you but this is super helpful! My bottom dysphoria has been horrible all my life, and I’m so ready to get surgery but as you know I have to do research first. Soon tho!!!! Soon!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful posts!!!! 💖💖

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