Underwear After Trans Phalloplasty

I just about had a panic the first couple months after phalloplasty when no underwear on the planet fit me right. I even contacted my surgeon at the center for transgender health for help– spoilers, it was swelling. But he didn’t know what to tell me. “Try out different underwear like we all did?” He was sympathetic but unprepared for my underwear crisis.

So, here’s what I learned. The swelling takes about three or four months to go down, and before that the penis won’t really bend. It needs to bend to stay in a pouch. But it can’t and shouldn’t.

At that point, it’s just like a real long chub that won’t retreat, looking all snakey down one pant leg. God, that was a bad stretch for my dick fashion there: it was all long scarves and sweaters tied around my waist, and I wondered if I would have to hide my pride and joy groin… Forever?! (Horror crescendo.)

But even after the swelling went down, things were different. I really despised packing before surgery and did it mostly for work, when I did, and I had a general routine of loose boxer shorts. No, those kind of underwear will not work with these long softies. The head of my penis stuck OUT of the bottom of the underwear-leg! It provided no support, and all my parts just sprawled as long as they wanted down the side of my pants, and the groin bulge space was awkwardly empty! Oh no. No, no, no.

I had to switch right away to something that gave more support. I like a boxer brief with a decided cup in the cloth design. Brands like Hanes have a shallow cloth cup, so I find myself constantly readjusting this hanging flesh that won’t stay put in the cup. In the pic I’m wearing one of my favorites, the Lacoste boxer brief. It lifts enough to arch my penis slightly, keeping it in the groin area of pants and not down the leg. I like how the pouch goes lower than the leg. Calvin Klein makes a similar one that can sometimes be a better price. (Tip, Saks Off Fifth is a fantastic place for nice designer men’s underwear at deep discount. Just know your size and save the receipts.)

To look sexy in just underwear, of course there’s Andrew Christian and 2Xist, but they compress and lift the bulge little too much to be comfortable all day under clothes. Kinda like a push-up bra. Except these kind of sexy things don’t actually look as good in clothing as they do out, in my opinion.

I know some people like Separatec, but I don’t think they’re very stylish, and I think my penis would be lonely for the balls. I don’t need them separate. In the hot summer time I get some sweat, but at least for the novelty, I seem to enjoy that for now. Maybe I’ll check back in about ball sweat in July.

I love a jock strap. I have a wide variety, and I’ve tried on expensive ones and even purchased some. The best one I’ve ever found for flattering me is actually from Academy Sports, the XO. It was like $5.99, has a nice long support area for a longer penis, and the waist strap is wide so it compresses the hips and belly in a flattering way. I found that light tummy compression really soothing, even, post-op. Once I got one of these home, I sent my spouse to go buy like five more!

I have never liked men’s briefs on me; I think my thick thighs look out of balance with the cut of the leg, which is why I go for cotton boxer briefs. I think the narrow waistband is also unflattering to most people.

I think it was around month four post-op bottom surgery that my penis started bending all nicely, rolling like a pet penis sushi if I wanted it to. (Pause to laugh, please.) And, having the scrotoplasty really filled out the pouch and dimensions like I wanted it to. Having the erectile pump implant put in has added maybe 5% incidental rigidity just from there being something in the shaft, so a good supportive, shaped pouch is even more important.

I think underwear wouldn’t be as much of an issue if I had a 1/2″-3″ flaccid penis just adorning the front of my body all sexy, but I have this equally-great elephant trunk to haul and stow day-to-day. It requires very special underwear preparation!

And of course, underwear shopping: like, every post-op bottom surgery patient’s new-found hobby. It’ll be fun figuring it out.

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