phallo boudoir πŸ˜‰ q&a post-op sex

A few questions I get often enough

Can you lay on your belly post-op?

After everything is healed, I lay on my belly almost every night.

Can you lay on your belly for sex, with a penis on the front of your body?

Oh yes. I like to spread my legs apart and show it, for extra bottom seduction.

Why would you have phalloplasty if you’re not a top?

I dunno, ask cismale bottoms if they want their penises in front of them while they get fucked.

Beyond your genitals, how did your dysphoria change after phalloplasty?

Yes. I used to hate the “feminine” shape of my bottom and waist. I even had some lipo off my hips to square the silhouette. (Would take a lot more to square this up, ha!) I like the exaggerated curves of my body against the length and color of my penis. I feel seductive in a way I wanted to hide before. I don’t feel like my butt can misgender me anymore. The spell is broken!

How is it to have no pee-hole in your penis, during sex?

You’d be amazed how it just doesn’t come up. I feel more comfortable going raw in my committed partner with no hole in my penis. It looks enough like it that it looks visually appealing and appropriate to me.

Sometimes I wish I could do kinky stuff with sounding toys in a penis urethra, but my body has other fun aspects. (Self penetration: fun facts, it only works flaccid. But it is still amazing.)

We are nonmonogamous, and I explained it quick to a sex partner once during a body tour: “I don’t have a pee hole here. Mine is over here.” It was seriously no big thing. Low-remarkability. I think my ass distracts.

Any other questions always welcome:)

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