Q: Are you worried about the pump implant breaking?

I’m not worried about the inflatable breaking. One of the other reasons we don’t have data on longevity of the devices is that the models keep improving, so a pessimistic 3-5 year estimate isn’t even given for the most current model, with associated improvements. Dr. Burnett, my urologist, told me to expect ten years, so I’m expecting ten.

There are some brand differences. The AMS 700 series is more likely to break along the cylinders. The Coloplast is more likely to need a new tube.

In my decision against the semirigid, I considered these factors:

  • I highly value being able to have a totally soft state, sexually and day to day. I work in close physical proximity to others, and in the event of contact, I want softness perceived, not semirigidity.
  • The replacement of the pump is a minor outpatient procedure. If you’ve already had one, they say the swap is easy and quick, maybe an hour or max two in the OR. If I need a tune up like this every ten years for the rest of my life, I’m agreeable. Also, maybe we will get more tricked out bells and whistles as we get to keep upgrading to better models as tech moves on. I told Dr. Burnett I need an app to control my erection and a built in Fitbit kinda health tracking. Cmon. A pedometer would not cost that much. My dad’s pacemaker has its own wifi hotspot to send reports to his doctor. Why the heck not?? Lmao.
  • I want to minimize risks of erosion. Having a hard state only when having sex or when I make myself hard helps with that.
  • The left ball as the pump works well visually. In a tactile way, it is discernible, which is good so you can find the button etc. I don’t need it to feel like a natural ball, because all the (gay) men I’ve talked to about it with postop thought it was extremely cool and enviable. The men I’ve had sex with marvelled over it and found it hot. I didn’t find it anything to work at concealing.
  • The pump on the left is slightly smaller than my Torosa saline testicular implant on the right, but I also had more space on the right side. Dr. Burnett gave me what I had more space for. It is uncommon to have two balls, like two breasts, of identical size and shape. I like that one hangs a little lower (the Torosa). That reminds me of my ex husband in a good way, haha. Or most balls I’ve ever seen.
  • Having used it for sex, being able to get hard as sexy stuff ramps up and soft again after sex is a point of gender euphoria for me.

Any other questions about the balls or the erectile implant? Hit me up:)

7 thoughts on “Q: Are you worried about the pump implant breaking?”

  1. Have you used your penis for anal sex now that you’ve healed from the Ed? How does it compare to vaginal pennittrative sex for you? I’ve heard the semi-rigid is better than the pump for anal… thanks

    1. Yes, I have! I should probably write a whole post about it. It worked perfectly, mechanically, and felt good to my partner and me. The only difference is position angling, like with anybody.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have one question and excuse me if you covered this, but do you have one or two cylinders implanted? Thanks.

    1. Hi! I have one cylinder. It’s slightly offset to the left, the opposite side of my arterial and nerve hookup (right). They were able to get a pretty big one in, and it centers toward the tip. 🙂

      1. That’s awesome. I read you had a glans revision? Did you specify to Dr O’Brien you wanted a detailed glans or is that just how he does it? Looks great. I have an appt scheduled with his PA soon. On to Stage 3.

          1. Cool! I’ll tell him the same. It looks like he actually sculpted your entire glans. Is there a specific technique he uses for the glans? I wanna be as detailed as possible when I talk to him. Do you know if he ever places in 2 cylinders or is it only 1? I have ALT and with the girth 1 just might not be enough. This gives me hope.

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