Q: Without majora, does stuff get in your vagina? What if I skipped scrotoplasty?

A: I still have minora, and unless I’m spread eagle, they keep the opening fairly covered/closed. I don’t know what it would be like with no minora there, as far as protection of the mucosal zone, but maybe someone else can weigh in.

I don’t feel exposed, but my opening feels less cushioned and cuddled by that extra flesh. I notice this most around a thick jean seam or during penetration, although I don’t notice it as much as I used to. It’s def a different sensation without that cushion pulling back and forth at the opening.

It’s your choice if you keep minora or not. I have noticed legit personal dryness, since there’s no moisture barrier of the majora, and my underwear absorbs any minimal moisture. So, I have to apply a little lube or ointment now and then.

I had to go three months before scrotoplasty, and mechanically, I would recommend against it. The penis needs something to prop it up a little and while walking for comfort; it’s built to be at a 45 degree out and down angle in daily life. It felt bad to me to have it going straight down. It also felt very bad/awkward when it moved between my legs when walking and got pinched in my gait. It was so annoying I took to wearing prosthetic scrotum with my penis when I was waiting for his stage 2.

You could have the pump without a scrotum, but they’d have to put the bulb somewhere else if you didn’t have one. It could go in the belly or the thigh. The scrotum works well for a lot of people as the location. However, there is some discussion among surgeons of locating the pump elsewhere to avoid excess tubing bumps (since our scrota are closer hanging and therefore have extra tubing that can form a raised area). It would also allow for two similar material testicular prostheses.

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