VIDEO 1.5 minutes, getting hard and soft again post-op phalloplasty

Coloplast Titan One Touch implanted 3 months ago. You squeeze the balls to get hard, and you push the button to get soft again. It’s much easier after you’re healed a few weeks and the swelling goes down like this. It isn’t weird to get hard by squeezing my balls, since people get hard doing all sorts of things to their bodies. Plus it feels good in a sexy way (an unexpected bonus!)

I wonder if one day we will have so many erection videos for transgender application like this (built by phalloplasty) that cisgender people will be forced to use our info videos to operate their erectile implants. One can dream.

I’m still waiting for my dick spokesmodel contract from Coloplast??? Can you hear me, Coloplast?

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  1. Hey. I read your diary entirely. I found this fascinating and i thnk you are quite courageous. I love how you get an erection. How cool is that. I might have been confused about a couple of things. Do you stll have your v? You said you don’t have a hole at the tip of your penis. I didn’t understand what you kept as female parts and what you don’t have anymore after phallo. Did you choose that Doctor for different reason and if so may i ask wny? Your dick looks awesome compared to most that I’ve seen throughout my journey. He did a fantastic job making your phallus. Did you decide on this surgery because of all the complications with urethral lengthening strictures etc.. How much faster is the recovery rate when they don’t mess around with the urethra/bladder. The most important question to you would be… If I choose this bottom surgery and can’t stp which is really important to me, but I’m older so i don’t want to go through all the complications with urethral lengthening then this surgery is for me. I want to know if everything is the same for you as it is with guy’s that have had rrf phalloplasty except you not being able to pee while standing. Did you have your t-dick buried and do you get off by jerking off? Sorry for all the questions, but the Doctor’s are coming out with so many different options for bottom surgery that just when I think i know them all they discover knew methods. We’ll thank you for sharing your phalloplasty journey. Do you have an Instagram account? I’d like to know who I’m talking to if it’s okay with you. I probably do know you. lol. I wish you all the best with your new anatomy. I’m sure your gonna have loads of fun. Your such a brave man and so so lucky!! I get so envious at times. I wish I could have had this surgery already. We’ll take care of yourself and stay healthy. God bless, Logan.

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