Riding a bike with balls!

Trans athleticism is not super my thing, but I do like cruising on a bike.

A lot of people have asked me: Do your balls or penis get in the way when biking, post-op phalloplasty and scrotoplasty?

1. The penis. All healed, I wear my penis upward toward the band to bike, as many men and folx with penises do. No interference. This is normal.

2. Second of all, a properly constructed vy-scrotoplasty does not sit between the legs. It sits in front of them. Now, I have some thicc thighs. I wondered how this was gonna work for me.

So, I took a simulated group of pics for how the ball sack moves while pedaling:

Legs together; balls hang in front.

Right leg up, they sorta swivel with the leg, so they move, but they don’t go back between the legs.

The erectile pump is on the left. It can’t move quite as freely as the Torosa saline implant, but it swivels.

Does the pump erectile implant pump up while biking? (Coloplast Titan) No, the amount of pressure on the ball would have to be much greater than thigh. Just spatially, it would even be difficult to press on them at all, much less that hard. That’s not a thing.

However, I have heard a story, maybe a legend, of someone who would pump to erect by biking. My guess– if that story is even true– is that the person had a scrotoplasty placed in between their legs, maybe a bifid style? Maybe it was just for the punch line, “I need help, because it’s obvious I really love biking.”


How my balls move with my thighs if I were running or pedaling: (video)

Oh hey, my balls are a year old now! And my penis is 1 and a quarter 🙂

6 thoughts on “Riding a bike with balls!”

  1. I lean more toward meta for my personal bottom surgery, so I really appreciate the ball updates. Also, the thought of the erection while biking! 😳

  2. Kind of related and not related question…but does high altitude pressure affect your implants at all? (like when you’re flying on the plane?)

  3. I wonder dear kin if you may have some answers.. I suffer from ingrown hair and cysts. They typically occur I’d say on the labia majora, with a rarer occurance on the minora. Ideally, I’m seeking almost identical surgical plans (it also speaks to my non-binary self) as you with Phalloplasty, scrotoplasty, and no v-nectomy. Unsure of burial, especially since I quite enjoy your additional jewels. (I’m crying at the pun 😂, I love it. The jewelry and the pun to be precise) I plan to ask DOC about this in my consult next month but I was curious if you may have either dealt with anything similar or may just have some information on it in your large purse of knowledge. I’ve discussed this a bit with my dermatologist and she mentioned I may be a good candidate for LHR/Electr. of the area. I know we need it for UL for sure. As I have quite the fear of how things will heal with growing hair coming back, as well as the idea of these cysts rearing their painful selves on/in my brand-spankin-new flesh jewels. I actually have a few problematic hairs that spout from the remainder of my areolas post- DI top surgery and I think even one or two from the nipple itself. Thoughts? Thank you kin, for this wonderful diary. Blessed be💜

    1. Hi Shae! Hmmm I do have one recommendation! If you want to get the piercings, get them now ahead of time. Then they won’t be a risk for your implants later. Whoa, surface piercings all healed up on your arm which could be phallo dick piercings? That would be rad, since you don’t want to do it after they make your penis.

      Haha I love your pun.

      Ingrown hairs on majora and how it might impact scrotoplasty… Now I don’t know about that one. Let me know what doc says at consult bc I’m sure it’s not that rare. Are you Bmore local? They have a lower cost electrology clinic associated with the JHCTH… And they’re also used to trans ppl there. Well, I’m sure there are other laser/ electrolysis places that are too. Maybe they can help you work up a medical necessity letter for insurance also so you don’t have to pay as much for it or could be reimbursed.

      Excited for your consult ♥️ are you and I connected on other platforms?

      1. We are connected dear one! I’m in the Baltimore group with you and the others. I’ll be sure to let you and the others know what DOC says about the ingrown hair concern. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a concern. Now would I want to get pierced prior to stage 1? Or post stage 1 but prior to any implants such as saline balls/Erectile device? I’m unsure of any jewelry on the shaft itself but I wonder if we could do any on/around our sacks? I look forward to what DOC says about any extra fun jewelry.

        I am residing in Syracuse, NY so unfortunately not too local but much closer than yourself.

        Ooh and actually-shite. There was something else I had wanted to say but I had to pause my comment for an hour or so. I’m sure I’ll remember it at some point.


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