What is AlloDerm? Should I get it?

Q: I heard of some transmen getting Alloderm put inside to complete that goal. Has anyone done it and willing to explain who was their surgeon, how spaced out were your bottom surgeries before doing the Alloderm? Does it benefit getting it for size and girth. Any, complications? Does insurance cover it?

A: Hi. There are two times AlloDerm may be placed in a dick from phalloplasty: (1) at the formation of the penis or (2) at the insertion of an implant.

In the case of (1), they take a sheet and roll it in the core. I’ve seen it in my CT scans.

Then, at (2), some surgeons like to wrap the erectile implant in a thick layer of AlloDerm to substitute for the tunica albuginea, to prevent erosion.

It is acellularized cadaverous donor tissue, which becomes colonized by your own body’s cells and nerves and becomes your own.

I have liked having it. I have never seen my penis without it, so I can’t say how much girth exactly it has given me, but I believe it has added a sense of fullness.

The timeline is either at stage one and/or the final stage of phalloplasty.

My surgeons were Devin O’Brien-Coon and Arthur Burnett.

I had no complications from AlloDerm. It’s a pretty sophisticated living wound healing technology. Right now you’re more likely to have it offered at academic learning hospitals who are current on the latest tech in wound healing; less likely with doctors in private practice. My insurance covered it.

Some surgeons say it is expensive and doesn’t make that much of a difference. If you were paying out of pocket, I would skip it. But if insurance is paying, I’d say go for it.

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